Frédéric PIGNON

Born in Chalonnes sur Loire in western France, Frederic Pignon grew up in a familly passionate about horses and nature. «It’s more about understanding the horse than trying to make him understand us», explains Frederic, «the horse wisperer» whose work with stallions at liberty is unique in the world. The spectacular performances he achieves spring from a training philosophy based on patience, love and total respect for the horse.


Magali Delgado grew up on the Delgado’s family’s lusitano breeding farm in the south of France. She started her equestrian trainig at a young age with some of Europe’s finest riding masters. She quickly gained a solid technical background and became a reputed dressage rider, with a speciality in haute Ecole. She credits her parents for the legacy offraining techniques based on trust and respect. «We can never forget the importance of the relationship with horses.»

They met 35 years ago and they have been touring the biggest equestrian show stages in the world. They have developed together an original approach to the equestrian show, where the show becomes an unforgettable experience. They discovered a unique relationship between humans and horses, based on several years of experience and search for an intuitive reading between species.

The strong points of their philosophy is:

  • Know how to stage their relationship with their horses.
  • The horse participates with pleasure, he becomes an actor of his act.
  • They put their great knowledge at the service of the show.
  • They know how to surround themselves with the best artists and designers and concentrate the common enerov in the same airection.
  • Their desire is to integrate the show into the values of today’s world and wish to make the equestrian show accessible to the general public.

Their greatest creations around the world

«DANCING HORSES» in Manati Park Dominican Republic 1998-2000

Main performers and creators of their numbers. Included in the team of riders from the Royal Andalusian School of Jerez de la Frontera.
It was a major experience for both artists.

ARABIAN NIGHTS Orlando Florida 2000-2003

«The most honored dinner show in the world »
Leaders of the training of horses and riders, artists in the show. 60 horses, 30 artists

„Cavalia“ North America + Europe 2003-2009

Co-founders of the show, creators of equestrian numbers, equestrian directors, main artists
In charge of 60 horses and 30 riders 2.2 million spectators, 1250 shows

„EQI“ Monteux south of France, 2013-2015

Producers, creators, main artists. One of the most ambitious equestrian shows in France.
Their first major multimedia production

„SUENO“ Tour in Europe

since 2019 Producers, creators, main artists. Back on a more intimate show that brings us back to the essence of the relationship with the horse, with a lot of emotion and poetry.

All the Hollywood Stars came to see their show!

Grand Cheval Image Video

A team of professionals ready to make your reams come true

Heinz Laubert

Mohammad Saleem Alotti


  • Heinz LAUBERT
  • Mohammad Saleem Alotti
  • Frederic PIGNON Director, Creator, Trainer
  • Estelle DELGADO stable Assistant


  • Frederic PIGNON- Rider and Working at liberty
  • Magali DELGADO- Rider and singer
  • Estelle DELGADO- Rider
  • Noah PIGNON & Alice Beauguil Dancer Rider


  • Talento de Courenne LUSITANO
  • Phoebus de Barral LUSITANO
  • Lancelot de Patras FRIESIAN
  • Makao LUSITANC
  • Regalo PRE
  • Mandarin de Courenne LUSITANO
  • Nacarado de Courenne LUSITANC
  • Machaquito PRE
  • Bambou PSA
  • Quino de Courenne LUSITANO
  • Sueno de Courenne LUSITANO
  • Camborio PRE
  • Girafon LUSITANO
  • Gasparo PRE
  • Bronzeado LUSITANO


  • Risueno LUSITANO
  • Idilio LUSITANO
  • Jaguar LUSITANO
  • Iberico LUSITANO
  • Guido PRE
  • Jerico PRE
  • Coco IRISH
  • Chanel IRISH
  • Simon PSA
  • Qualhil PSA
  • Yerdan PSA
  • Garibaldi PSA
  • Coquelicot PSA
  • Sheitan PSA


Laubert Gastro GmbH
Linzer Straße 25
A-3390 Melk

Tel: ‭+43 676 409 00 89‬
Facebook: /GrandCheval

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Mohammad Saleem Alotti
Marketing manager and company representative in the Arab Gulf countries and the Middle East
Tel: +380 63 229 47 63


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